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⇒ Collecting is ALWAYS top priority. That means I would most likely trade keeping cards for collecting ones.
⇒ For the Keeping section, if you want to trade them for a Collecting, go ahead, if you want to trade them for anothe keeping deck, be sure I have more cards of the other deck, please.
⇒ In extension of the previous point, if you need that card I have in keeping, just say so. I am flexible if you need that card to master a deck.
⇒ Best Landscape Ever are cards that I find too pretty and I want to keep them. No offerings, I won't be collecting them. Only ask for them if you need it for mastering a deck.
⇒ Trading section is free. Take whatever you want my dear.
⇒ You're more than welcome to ask for my membercard. You're more than welcome to trade doubles with me, but please specify this in the comment section!
⇒ If you don't have anything for me, you can ask me, I would most likely find something from you.
⇒ If you want me to decline a previous offer, go to my twitter and do tell me!
♥ Thank you ♥

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